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Debbie Weiland


Future author of high fantasy

Future author of science fiction

Present author of poetry



I am working on my first novel, IMPERA.  It is a high fantasy novel, that is set on a world where everyone can cast magic.



The name is pretty self explanatory.   My name is Debbie Weiland and I have wanted for quite a while now to be an author.


I have always liked writing but have expressed myself in poetry.  I have authored poems on under Debbie Lagrand.  I have had this idea for a high fantasy novel running around in my head some years now, but have been "too busy" to do much more than jot down notes.


One day I woke up and all my kiddies were grown, so I have decided commit some serious time to this "author" thing.   So keep checking back to see how far along I am on my  goal to become a published author.


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